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The SYNERGY is by far the most innovative powered paraglider in the world. With the strongest frame on the market and one of the lightest and quietest for the power generated. Using many reputable engines, It is virtually maintenance free. You will probably never break a propeller, the cage can accept a 50" propeller, has a certified harness system, wheels, thumb activated throttle and cruise control also available for left handed pilots, the safest frame / fuel tank system, adjustable spreader bars, compatible with any paraglider on the market, weight shift system, better higher center of mass making it easier to ground handle during take off and landing, splits in 5 parts in 2 minutes to easily fit in the trunk of your car.

This is the SYNERGY 5 Paramotor

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Synergy 5


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First, we use a 49” propeller because the efficiency or amount of thrust and MPG is increased exponentially the longer the propeller used. The aircraft is a pusher system meaning the propeller is behind the pilot and travels in a substantial amount of turbulence. Every additional inch of propeller adds performance, reduces noise, extends the life of the engine, you get more miles per gallon and is a much more pleasant to fly. Thrust us ;-)


synergy throttle for sale san antonio tx paramotoringThe only throttle control that keeps your fingers free to operate the paraglider! This innovative system facilitates the overall operation. It is streamlined to prevent lines from getting hooked. It also prevents accidents during warm up on the ground.

Perfect for tandem pilots as well.

ISynergy paramotor throttle for sale austin texasf you like aerial photography, fly solo or tandem, this design will make your flights much easier. The velcro wraps around the back of your hand so you don’t have to have a firm grip on it. Blinking fuel level indicator to be visible in sunny conditions when the whole pipe lights up! Cruise control standard on all units.
The only throttle that warns you if your throttle lever is stuck because the piston will drop down. Another safety feature you won’t find on our competitor’s.

ppg paramotoring fun, paramotor for sale san antonio txThe frame and cage collapse in 6 parts making it easy to carry with you everywhere you go. It fits in the trunk of most compact cars! You can also send it to your favorite travel destination ahead of time with your favorite shipper. It fits in a 32”X24”X18”. It accepts a propeller as long as 49”, weighs under 50lb w 100cc motor. It is also very easy to assemble with the help of 9 high strength Velcro cinch straps. No pins and ropes nor fishing net to install.

When you are ready to fly, the SYNERGY is the first one UP!

paramotor info and sales san antonio texas paramotoringThe wheels, another great feature. Having trained many students and seeing many technical mistakes, it made sense to have them. When the pilot runs during take off and decides to sit in the harness before the aircraft is on an upward trajectory, the wheels get in contact with the ground without stopping the pilot from taking off. It is also easier to move around and prevents premature wear on the frame and cage.

paramotor harness for sale san antonio txThe paragliding harness is made by a well known manufacturer called APCO. It has many compartments including a large one located under the seat plate. The harness is also easy to detach from the unit to fly from hills and practice ground handling (kiting). Saving you from buying an extra harness! The low attachment points improve comfort and handling to fly for hours. Perfect for pilots who enjoy weight shift and soar ridges and thermals.

paramotor lessons and for sale austin texasThe frame acts as a fuel tank. It contains enough fuel to fly between 2 and 3 hours depending on the paraglider used and the pilot's abilities. You can add an external tank to extend the duration to ~ 5 hours!
The fuel is contained only in the strongest part of the frame. Every frame is pressure tested, no leaks have been reported. It is made of 1/8” thick high strength tempered Aluminum.
The frame is also designed to accept most engines on the market! You can at a later time change the motor and keep the same frame because it will probably last you forever! Or you can buy a SYNERGY without motor and install it yourself!

synergy paramotoring sales and austin texas paramotor lessonsThe cage is made of tempered aircraft aluminum. It is design to offer minimum resistance to airflow with the high tension tennis string. All strings are netted internally, meaning inside the tubes to prevent premature wear and minimize


resistance to the paraglider’s lines sliding along during a forward inflation. All tubes have the same radius, taking less space in your car or luggage!

It takes extra time and effort to manufacture but proved to be superior!

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Synergy 5


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